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safety of a healthy environment

Environmental protection

At Zarah Moden we always take care of our environmental goals when calculating our business targets. Our production facilities are placed in a small community in the heart of Transylvania, where people are committed to respecting nature, since it is the land where their children will grow & live. Therefore, attention and respect to nature are always on our sight. We are determined to manufacture sustainably and responsibly while minimizing the impact on the environment.

for the future

We pull out all the stops

Of course it’s impossible produce our trousers without any harmful effects on the climate whatsoever. But we’re making an effort: the exclusive use of organic, instead of conventional cotton in our trousers already helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. We’re also making increasing use of modern technologies, such as solar power and electric mobility. Compensating for the remaining unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions with high quality climate protection certificates allows us to achieve 100% climate neutrality.

Climate neutral product

Certified by Fokus Zukunft
climate neutral via offsetting

Declaration of sustainability

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