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We care about the future!


We take pride in our environmentally conscious approach, as evidenced by the following achievements:

The standard of producing organic

GOTS Certified for Sustainable Manufacturing

As holders of the globally recognized gold standard for textile production from organically sourced natural fibers, we exemplify our dedication to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes. Our GOTS certification provides our customers with credible assurances of our sustainable practices.

Industry-Leading Sustainable Textile Production

(STeP) Certified

Our STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification showcases our industry-leading performance across six vital areas: chemical management, environmental performance, environmental management, health and safety, social responsibility, and quality management. This certification places us above the national and global average, reaffirming our commitment to sustainable practices.

Environmentally conscious water consumption


We prioritize environmentally responsible water usage and purification. Recognizing the absence of safe levels for hazardous substances, we replace harmful chemicals and prevent the release of any toxic compounds. Through rigorous assessments of our chemicals management systems, wastewater and sludge quality, we have earned the DETOX TO ZERO certification.

100% Co2 Neutrality Achieved

Use renewable energy and offset emissions of fossil fuel

Embracing modern technology, electric mobility and solar energy, we actively reduce our CO2 emissions. With the installation of over 1000 solar panels, we generate renewable electricity. To offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions, we use high-quality climate protection certificates, ensuring our operations achieve 100% climate neutrality.

Social responsibility

Through these initiatives, we embrace our responsibility to uplift and empower our community, fostering a love for culture, nurturing education, inspiring the next generation, creating vibrant spaces, supporting healthcare and promoting active aging for a brighter and healthier future