We manufacture exclusively

in our European production facility in Targu Secuiesc, Romania, where tradition in the textile industry goes back several generations. In our quest of delivering the highest quality products, we invest energy in always finding the right combination of skill and technology. Our high end craftsmanship is doubled by a constant drive for development and technological upgrading. Our technology allows us to offer a fantastic variety of trousers to our customers, from the classical 100% wool trousers to denims or highly functional modern casual trousers. We deliver up to 8000 pairs of trousers every day, using our 10 production lines that are specialized to perform different functions with a great flexibility.


Grading, pattern making and adjustment are computer assisted operations that ensure high efficiency and support our quality policies. We use the premium Gerber software system for pattern making in order to design and develop products as efficiently as possible.

The production process is prepared with the support of fully automated marker making, while software assistance and the skills of our professional team allow us to always optimize material consumption. Ultra-modern spreading & cutting machines are the source of our always precise and careful cutting process. Semi-automatic sewing & assembling solutions are one of the reasons we maintain an increased level of productivity. Together with some of the most important specialists in automation in Garment manufacturing (Dürkopp, Pfaff, Juki, Beisler) we developed custom solutions perfectly adapted to our production needs. All parts are marked & permanently labeled during production for perfect traceability. Our selected additions (buttons, zips, threads, etc.) also come from Europe, only from top-quality producers, carefully selected in accordance with our quality standards. Every pair of trousers is manually controlled by one of our highly experienced quality inspectors! It is our way of guaranteeing perfect quality to our customers and respecting our goal to always deliver TEXcellence!