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Each detail matters!

Modern technology

Our technology allows us to create positive customer experience and moves the fashion industry into a more efficient and creative future.

and know how

Redefining quality standards

Great products start with great fabrics! In years of experience we learned to work with the most sophisticated fabrics and made sure to invest in the technologies that facilitate high-quality production with the finest fabrics. The most noble virgin wool, Pima cotton, blends with cashmere and silk and materials with high elasticity have been therefore often used in our manufacturing facilities. You name the fabric, we will know how to handle it!

Integrated Services

In response to requests from our clients we keep on extending our activities in order to offer the most complete service to our clients.


Empowering Quality and Sustainability

As a European production company, we benefit from a unified legal environment and seamless market integration. With no customs barriers, nearshoring advantages and effective communication supported by our multilingual skills, we prioritize efficient lead times.

Our commitment to sustainable production processes, employment stability, logistical resilience and environmental considerations aligns with our dedication to upholding human rights and practicing fair trade. By maintaining high-quality conditions, we ensure the production of exceptional products.