• Embracing older care centres in the area

  • Supporting the local hospital

  • Investing in the education of our children

  • Partnership in organising the Silver Academy

  • Supporting the ”Ride For a Good Cause - initiative

  • Fashion Day

    A special event organised for our employees and their families

Community Programes

Throughout the years, the company has maintained an extraordinary relation with the municipality of our city and its neighbor villages. Several projects have benefited the community:

  • Medical equipments for all sections of the local Hospital

  • Healthcare centers in the surroundings

  • Support for the orphans and children with disabilities

  • Interactive tables implemented in 38 schools in the area

  • Support for the local Theater & Vigadó Cultural Center

  • More than 24 playgrounds developed and donated in an area of 30 km around our city

  • Summer schools for more than 400 children

  • Organization of activities for elder people

  • Partnership with a local University in the Silver Academy

  • Sports, cultural and educational activities that attract a major part of the local population

  • A 12.000 sqm fully equipped park made available for the local community

    The major project of 2019, this 12.000 sqm park in our city, is a great gesture of generosity from our owners. The green landscaping of the park, benches, small cabins, stage & playgrounds, as well as the video surveillance system are all part of this beautiful project which will be administrated by the local authorities and free to use by the public.

Some of the traditional employee engagement activities include:

  • summer schools for the employee children

  • sports and cultural activities

  • family and educational programs

  • company anniversary events

  • volunteering

Fair Trade

Respecting the people behind the product
Our success is based on the work, talent, passion and character of people, from those that collect the cotton, to the last person in the supply chain.
As a customer, choosing a Fair Trade certified product is a way for you to show your will for a better world. You are embracing our common sense, respect and solidarity with people, values who are maybe too rare in the global economy.

Adherence to international standards is tested and approved regularly by FLOCert, the largest independent certifier worldwide and implies:

  • Rigorous standards for health and safety

  • Respect for the environment

  • No child or forced labor

  • Maternity and paid leave

  • Community empowerment