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Zarah Modenis one of the most important European companies specialized in the production of men trousers. With a premium quality profile & culture, the company provides complete services, combining the German vision with the local tradition and manufacturing culture.

Over 1750


17.000 sqm

of production facilities


production lines

20.000 sqm

of logistic & warehouse facilities

More than 8000

top quality trousers/day

~ 2.000.000



  • 1991, April 12


    The company was created by Bernhard Meyer and Wilhelm Wegener and was initially called TGS Fashion.

  • 1992

    The company is growing up quickly to 420 employees, while new buildings are added to the initial 800 sqm, totalling to 1800 sqm.


  • 1995

    The company’s activity is extended, as we start to build a very modern garment wash unit.

  • 1996

    The first logistic centre is added to the production and washing facilities.


  • 1999

    Wilhelm Wegener becomes honorary citizen of Targu Secuiesc, as a result of his commitment and active role in the development of the local community.

  • 2004

    The production facility is completely rebuilt becoming the most modern production plant in the area.


  • 2009

    We start focusing on the improvement of our storehouse capacity. A new logistic center is developed in the city and the first warehouse of 3.400 sqm officially opened its doors.

  • 2012

    The logistic center is extended by constructing a new warehouse of 2.300 sqm


  • 2018

    Further extension of storing capacities by the construction of a warehouse of 5.000 sqm


Zarah Moden is a true European company, combining the German vision and quality standards with the local tradition and manufacturing culture. The ownership brought not only great leadership but also vision and a German set of values and standards, that were fundamental to our success. We don’t just pay attention to outstanding quality, we also focus on our responsibilities.

OUR MISSION is to provide the world’s most renowned brands the best and most flexible services that the textile industry can offer, starting from design through logistics and finished products ready to be put on the shelf, while making sure that our employees not only have a stable workplace, but they are also able to achieve happiness through self-realization.

Our vision is to always offer more:

MORE than a pair of trousers to our CUSTOMERS

The products that we deliver are not just simple pieces of clothing. Their quality, their attention to details and functionalities are the evidence that the final customer is particularly important. Choosing one of our trousers will always be a statement. Not only they will offer a great wearing feeling, but also
comfort, trust, confidence and respect.

MORE than a secure job to our EMPLOYEES

As part of our Fair Trade culture, we guarantee great social standards to our employees. Health and safety measures in the workplace are in line with European standards. We cherish and respect employees as our most important resource. Therefore, we have a package of benefits that is considered a benchmark in the local community.

MORE than a contributor to our COMMUNITY

We strongly believe in contributing to the well-being of the community where we operate! And we do it both by sustaining and developing the local economy through our business operations and through involvement in locally relevant community projects. Most of our projects are initiated by the Zarah Moden owners, management & employees and include a wide range of community giving/serving and volunteering activities.